A Few Words About Us

Focus on watch production for 20 years

20 years focusing on wrist watch processing, domestic well-known watch OEM enterprises. Wholesale and retail high-grade watch parts processing, watch customization and OEM one-stop service. Exquisite inlaid skills, meticulous work and quality assurance


Original Design, Own Factory,Strength Company

More than 20 CNC and NC fully automatic high precision machine tools, with 500 thousand monthly output, dedicated, CNC processing, CNC set stone. The experienced designers team follows the trend creation and designs samples free of charge. R & D technology, production technology and test standard are all up to the domestic high standards.

Watch industry's new Star

Designers with years of experience in the industry, according to your brand positioning, seasonal theme, create design to meet your product effect, create a brand classic style. We have many years of industry channels to provide cost-effective materials and reduce costs effectively.

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